Power Banks

What used to be only for emergency charging for your phone, now has come into its’ own. You can even jump start your car from a pocket-sized power bank! We are even developing a power bank that will keep you running when the power fails. No matter what size bank you need, we can bring the power to you! Whether you need 10,000 or over a million, Powerhouse Two can supply the right cell, at the right spec, with the certifications you need. On time and on budget.
We are an Extension of Your Company

Let PH2 be a Part of Your Product

What do you do when the devices you need run out of power outside your normal charging routines?

You reach for your reserve power bank! In addition to personal uses, corporate providers are issuing these with company phones, and products are being developed that use these as reliable, rechargeable power sources.

If you need quantity, private labeling, or custom designs, contact Powerhouse Two. We have the power!

Announcing! The Power XP Power Station is the first advanced Lithium Power Station designed to replace dangerous and dirty generators. We are designing this to keep your basic business running in the event of power loss. Watch for it!

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Custom Batteries and Power Supplies

If you are a engineering or manufacturing company who has specific needs for a product or prototype, get in touch with our battery experts.  We can customize the size, shape and power of your custom battery or power supply.