Coin Cells

These primary cell marvels are found nearly everywhere. In your keys, your watch, your computer, and nearly all places where a memory is involved. From sizes smaller than the tip of your finger with intricate connective tabs, to the quarter sized cells found in cameras and more, these do not have to cost you a lot of “coin”. Call Powerhouse Two, we will button it up for you!
We are an Extension of Your Company

Let PH2 be a Part of Your Product

Whether you need 10,000 or over a million, Powerhouse Two can supply the right cell, at the right spec, with the certifications you need. On time and on budget.

These small primary 3 V cells, also known as “button” cells, are found in a wide variety of circuit boards, devices, and applications. Powerhouse Two provides moderate to high volume users with tray packaging for automation and offers a nearly endless selection of tab configurations for easy installation in devices and boards. From the smallest to the largest, these quality assured primary cells are available in silver oxide, lithium manganese dioxide, and lithium carbon monofluoride for extreme temperature applications.

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Custom Batteries and Power Supplies

If you are a engineering or manufacturing company who has specific needs for a product or prototype, get in touch with our battery experts.  We can customize the size, shape and power of your custom battery or power supply.