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Using the best resources possible, our designers can create the perfect Lithium battery solution for your product.
Lithium Batteries Can Pack a Lot of Punch

Getting Into the Lithium Game? Let’s be on the Same Team!

Lithium is unquestionably the most sought after and widely misunderstood battery chemistry today.

Lithium batteries are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and are made in both primary and secondary (rechargeable) chemistry combinations. The vast differences in the chemistry blends also creates profound changes in lifespan, energy density, shipping requirements and safety. Don’t venture into the lithium world alone, rely on Powerhouse to help you safely navigate these complex waters.

Lithium Battery: The Mere Mention of this Causes Widely Mixed Reactions.

At the post office or with many shippers, it’s just a no-no. Go to the airport, and may the Lord help you if you have a spare battery.

The news shows you downed aircraft due to lithium fires and vaping devices bursting into flames in someone’s pocket. All this, yet almost everyone carries a lithium battery in their phone, tablets, laptops, smart watches, and devices of all kinds, and we don’t think twice. If we do, we all hope that someone knew what they were doing along the way.
That person might be you.

Lithium batteries are available in a vast variety of chemistries all with differing power profiles, discharge demands, performance lifespans, and purposes. Lithium primary batteries such as Lithium Iron DiSulfide (Li-Fe-S2) or Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-So-Cl2) are not rechargeable and can have long lifespans. Rechargeable, or secondary cells such as Lithium Ion, or Lithium Iron (Li-Po4, Li-Fe-S2) the most common among many, are found in increasing numbers all around us.

Are you confused about Lithium? Looking for the best solution for your device, but have concerns about performance, safety and certifications? You do not have to become a battery expert to get an expertly designed lithium power solution.

Using engineering teams that actually build these batteries and packs, we work with your team to develop the perfect solution, then guide you through the maze of certifications, packaging demands, transport logistics and supply chain issues.

The result? You have led your company to the best battery, and your team can do what they do best, without the worry of battery problems.

We are your Lithium experts. Just call Powerhouse Two. It’s what we do.

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Custom Lithium Battery Solutions

Bring in the professionals! If you have a device that needs a lithium power solution, let us know! We are here to help.