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We Offer a Unique Combination of Knowledge and Skill

Standing in Square 1? Call Powerhouse 2!

You do not have to become a battery or power expert to secure expert battery and power products.

Powerhouse Two brings years of design and development experience to the table for our clients. Working with your team, we offer the unique combination of knowledge and skill in the field of battery and power supply technology. Our factory partners, each one a specialist in a singular facet of battery chemistry or power supply manufacturing, offers a specialized engineering team that joins with us to create the exact solution our client requires.

Our combined experience helps clients avoid the pitfalls of wasted time, effort, and dollars throughout the design process. Once a design works, Powerhouse Two guides the prototype, testing, and certification process to its successful completion. Then, we manage all functions of the manufacturing process, quality control, and logistics culminating in custom product delivered to your door.

Battery Artwork of Form Fit and Function

Our Custom Battery Design Process

Battery solutions can be a very complex animal, but getting through the design build process does not have to be. At Powerhouse Two, we have been doing this for years. Collect the needed device information, such as power requirements and use, find a solution and make sure it works. Not too complicated right? Once we are sure it works, we build test samples and obtain whatever certifications are required, all done using internationally respected labs.

Then we create a plan to manufacture them, the logistics needed to ship them to where they are needed, and pull the trigger. We know how long each of these steps normally takes, and have developed super accurate timelines so we both keep track of progress against our set goals.
Call us, this is what we do.

Calculate & Design
Test & Verify
Certify & Sign Off
Manufacture & Deliver

Do You Need Help with a Custom Battery?

Let us be a part of your design process in the beginning so we can steer you in the right direction to make the most logical, cost-effective battery for your product.