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Powerhouse Two has extensive experience in every aspect of these custom designs.
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Powerhouse Two works with some of the top custom power supply manufacturers in the world. Custom voltage and current output, custom plugs and cords, build to spec, high efficiency, medical and household grades, worldwide certifications, we have done it all. We can do it for you. If you need 100 or 100,000, we have you covered.

Our group of master builders make units for some of the worlds most recognizable brands, and they build hundreds of thousands of custom models for Powerhouse Two clients.

Whether you need specific certifications for US or global markets, or have demanding specifications for performance and efficiency your current suppliers cannot meet, Powerhouse Two will find the right path to fulfill your power supply needs.

Custom Battery Charger

Special Power Needs Require Special Solutions

The world of devices across the spectrum of industries share one commonality; they all need power. If it is a portable device, chances are very good that it contains a rechargeable battery system. Whether large or small, they too share a common thread; they need to be re-charged.

Like the battery systems in most devices, the charging systems need to perform at specific voltages, wattages, and mAh ratings. They also must carry the required certifications and meet stringent efficiency targets along with aesthetics, cable lengths, and often custom output plug styles.

OEM’s and Contract Assemblers also find that their devices get around the world. These other countries also have their own requirements and certifications making the charging adapter as complex as the devices they power. AC/DC, DC/DC, wall warts, bricks, open frame adapters, smart chargers: whatever you call it, or design it to need, we have your back.

Although many charging devices are available “off the shelf” these too were made for specific applications, and rarely does a client’s need and an “off the shelf” product match. More often than not, we have found that the specific demands of a device and a clients’ plans for it, require a custom unit. Sometimes it is a small change to an existing unit, sometimes it is a completely new “from the ground up” design that requires new tooling, specially sized and shaped cases, and custom tooled output plugs to match a client’s device.

Powerhouse Two has extensive experience in every aspect of these custom designs. Working with leading manufacturers, we can provide what you need, and have it built for less than you might imagine. We can take the mystery out of powering your devices.

Powerhouse Two gets the juice flowing.

Custom Battery Charger Solutions

There are so many advantages of a custom battery chargers and adapters that sourcing out all the variables can be tricky. Let the experts at Powerhouse 2 design a charger to fit your needs.