Door Lock Battery Packs

The Only Cell Formulated for the Demands of an Electronic Locking System. We work with firms that allow us to alter the chemistry to improve performance. Electronic access systems have become the standard whenever and wherever someone needs to control who enters a controlled space. Short of ultra-high security installations where you need retinal scans and Mission Impossible level protection, the battery powered electronic lock is almost everywhere. When is the last time you had an actual metal key handed to you for a hotel room?
Running with the “Big Boys”

We Offer a Product that the Mega-Companies Can’t!

According to Business Travel News in an August 2015 article, there are over 5,000,000 hotel rooms in over 53,500 properties in the US alone.

The vast majority of them use electronic door locks. Most people have no idea that these locks are powered by alkaline batteries, either as individual cells or built into custom battery packs with proprietary connectors and specific sizes.

If you are in the hotel business, you know this all too well. A guest checks in at your front desk, greeted by a friendly and efficient employee who makes your guest feel welcome. The front desk programs a key card and presents the guest their access cards. Your tired guest schleps their bags to the elevator and off to their room………….you know the rest. The guest shows up back at the desk with a card that does not open the room. Now it will begin to cost you money, why? Because of AA Alkaline batteries that failed!

That is what birthed the exclusive Power XP alkaline battery.

Assa Abloy, the largest lock maker in the world, issued a challenge. Build a cell that lasts longer and performs better in our electronic door lock than any cell we have tested. That is a tall order.

Powerhouse Two answered that call with the Power XP. The only cell formulated for the demands of an electronic locking system. The XP beat them all, including the “big boys”, by over 20%. We lasted longer, recovered faster, and performed better.

Why, you ask, can a relatively small firm like Powerhouse Two, offer a product that the mega-companies with nearly unlimited resources, can’t? Glad you asked.

Powerhouse Two builds every battery we offer, to the specific demand of our clients. We work with firms that allow us to alter the chemistry to improve performance. The “big boys” run millions of cells each day, and they are all the same. If they work for you, great, if not they offer no option.

At Powerhouse, we make and stock 11 different door lock battery packs for nearly every popular lock used today. Every one of them is filled with the outstanding Power XP alkaline batteries. Those that use individual cells in their locks, buy our XP cells in our stocked packaging. Many lock makers and lock repair technicians along with major hotel chains and the largest distributors on planet earth, use only Power XP door lock batteries.

Maybe it’s the fact that we stand behind our cells with an unmatched 1 full year after installation warranty. Maybe its because we provide what they need when they need it. Maybe its because they just work better.

You should find out why.

Box of Door Lock Batteries

Custom Door Lock Battery Solutions

There are so many advantages of a custom Door Lock Battery Pack that sourcing out all the variables can be tricky. Let the experts at Powerhouse 2 design a Door Lock Battery Pack to fit your needs.

Problems with Your Locking Systems?

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Lock Maker: Saflok, Eveready, SAFT

DL-02 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-02 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock Maker: Saflok, Intellis

DL-05 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-05 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock Maker: Saflok

DL-08 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-08 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock Maker: KABA, ILCO

DL-16 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-16 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock Maker: Saflok

DL-19 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-19 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock Maker: VingCard

DL-26 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-26 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock Maker: VingCard

DL-30 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-05 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock Maker: VingCard

DL-31 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-08 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock Maker: Intellikey

DL-40 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-05 Hospitality Battery Connector


Lock maker: Intellikey

DL-41 Hospitality Battery Pack
DL-05 Hospitality Battery Connector