Custom Alkaline Battery Packs

Power XP Alkaline batteries can be combined to create custom battery packs that meet your space, current, and voltage requirements. Using proven reliable cells, we build custom packs that pack a punch!
We Do What the Others Can’t

Buy Batteries for What is in Them, Not What is on Them

It is a common misnomer that there are only two or three brands of alkaline battery that are high quality performers.

These widely held beliefs are the results of massive marketing efforts. The truth is that while they are very good batteries indeed, there are millions upon millions of batteries created to a higher standard for specific custom functions. The Power XP alkaline cells exclusive to Powerhouse Two, were initially developed to provide power for electronic door locks, a high demand environment that name brand batteries just were not delivering.

We Do What Others Can’t

For many years, alkaline batteries have been hard at work behind the scenes, disguised as multiple cell battery packs. Wrapped in tight shrink wrap with wiring and various connectors, they have been powering devices all around us, while most users are unaware of their work.

Alkaline batteries are still the preferred choice for important electronic access systems due to their long life and reliability. Alkaline battery packs provide the power to open millions of hotel room doors worldwide.

Powerhouse Two can build virtually any size or output for your device using our exclusive Power XP cells. Here are some of the benefits we can offer;

  • Only Powerhouse Two offers the Power XP alkaline battery
  • We can customize a pack that fits almost anywhere
  • We can produce prototypes for testing
  • Smaller quantities or short runs can be achieved
  • Every pack carries our one year post installation warranty

Custom Alkaline Battery Solutions

There are so many advantages of a custom Alkaline battery that sourcing out all the variables can be tricky. Let the experts at Powerhouse 2 design an alkaline battery pack to fit your needs.