Portable Power Station

No matter where you live, nature can and does wreak havoc, interrupting the things we take for granted, quickly turning normal life into a frantic search for basic services. Hurricanes, tornadoes, snow and ice storms, earthquake, fires, all threaten to shut down the electricity that powers our life, work, and play. What do we do without it?
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It’s not if… It’s when…

You can be certain of this.

Until now, your choices were slim. Either wait it out, hoping you will get power restored before your food spoils, or deal with noisy gas-powered generators threatening life with noxious carbon dioxide emissions, and the headaches of filling gas cans or propane tanks. Now, you have a choice.

Powerhouse Two, an innovator in power, is excited to introduce the Power XP Portable Power Station.

Taking the place of the gas generator, this rugged unit will provide the power you need, when and where you need it. Charge it from a standard wall outlet before an event, or from the power of the sun with the included solar array. the Power XP PPS can provide enough power for a small office so you can keep working.

At home, it can keep your lights on, your food cold, your fans running, and keep your personal communication devices charged up. Powered by safe Lithium Ion power cells, it can be stored in a closet, silently waiting until called upon.

Every home and office should have one.

For pricing, availability, and the wide range of available sizes, contact Powerhouse Two or your local distributor of Power XP.

Custom Batteries and Power Supplies

If you are a engineering or manufacturing company who has specific needs for a product or prototype, get in touch with our battery experts.  We can customize the size, shape and power of your custom battery or power supply.