Hospitality Batteries

At PH2, we understand the need for dependable battery power. Your guests expect everything to work right every time: starting with the door lock. Nothing we know can sour guest relations faster than a failed door lock. That is why we developed the Power XP, the only cell specifically formulated for the demands of an electronic door lock, high output, fast recovery. As the official battery chosen by the largest lock maker in the world, Assa Abloy, you will find the PH2 XP door lock packs in every VingCard installation worldwide.
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PH2 Simply Builds a Better Cell

PH2 crafts the finest pack assemblies in the business, with double welds, tight shrink wrap, integrated strain relief, our exclusive Power XP cell, and we back them with a full one year warranty against defect!

PH2 offers custom packs for every major lock model including: Saflok, Vingcard, ILCO, KABA, Winfield, and Intellikey. Our exclusive Power XP cells are available as individual cells for properties using AA cells in their locks.

We also understand budgets! With no mascots to feed, or national marketing campaigns to fund, PH2 simply builds a better cell, and does it for less. All popular sizes are available including AA, AAA, C, D, 9V. You can also purchase Power XP AA Alkaline cells for your locks that use single cells. Why not use the best power for your locks and save money too!

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Mouse over the item numbers below to see close up pictures of the pack, or move your mouse over the connector to see a close of those. Click on the spec link to get our engineering spec sheets!

Resort Batteries

PH2's Latest News!

PH2 engineers are working on a new portable power station that will provide clean, safe power in emergency situations. We are designing it to replace gas and propane generators with the ability to put out a minimum of 1500 watts, and be recharged by many different ways, including its own solar charging equipment. Using safe lithium power packs, this unit will be ready on a moment’s notice, and safely store in a closet! Let us know if you have interest! It’s coming soon!

Problems with Your Locking Systems?

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What Our Customer’s Have to Say

“ I was having mass failures of our door lock systems. The batteries were dying in one section of my property in less than a week. At first I figured it was the fault of the batteries, so I called my Grainger rep, who came right over to see what she could do. Of course they replaced a case of the cells, but again the same thing happened.

My rep put me in touch with the manufacturer, Powerhouse Two. Gregg Halteman came out to the property and reviewed my maintenance data. He noted patterns and when we looked closer, we found clusters of doors were the offenders. Those door locks were all installed in the same reno, and soon others began failing. It turned out to be boards that were failing in my lock system and not the cells.

Got to hand it to Powerhouse, they stuck with us, helped find the issue and hooked us up with a world class electronic locksmith that solved it, and believe it or not, they replaced every pack that failed even though it was not their issue. That is service.”

John G – Chief Engineer – Orlando, Florida