Contract Manufacturers & OEM’s

From the basic to the complex, Powerhouse Two stands ready to bring the power where you need it.
We are an Extension of Your Company

Let PH2 be a Part of Your Product

The manufacturing process is a critical and complex symphony of functions with unique demands.

Your contract clients demand exact builds. Your staff depends on you to spec each job with great care and attention to every detail. Your reputation depends on delivering finished goods that meet your client expectations. And you have to do it every time.

When you build original equipment, your name is on the line with every product that goes out the door. You need consistent quality in your supply chain. If you have everything in place and the battery or power adapter is delayed, or worse, everything stops. People don’t work, and costs soar.

We get that. The last thing you need to worry about are the batteries or adapters that power these devices.

We provide consistent quality, and it will be where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

When your name is on the line, our name is on the line.

Calipers Used for Measuring Batteries

Custom Batteries and Power Supplies

If you are a engineering or manufacturing company who has specific needs for a product or prototype, get in touch with our battery experts.  We can customize the size, shape and power of your custom battery or power supply.