Contract Manufacturers & OEM’s

From the basic to the complex, Powerhouse Two stands ready to bring the power where you need it.
We are an Extension of Your Company

Let PH2 be a Part of Your Product

The manufacturing process is a critical and complex symphony of functions with unique demands.

While it begins with a great idea that meets a need, there are a vast host of engineers, procurement specialists, logistical masterminds and financial guru’s all working together to get essential raw materials and parts into the hands of a highly skilled workforce.

Powerhouse Two provides our manufacturing and contract assembly clientele with high quality custom products, built according to their specifications and delivered on time and on budget. Our intimate knowledge of custom battery and power supply design and manufacturing combined with our grasp on the unique demands of certification and shipping these products, make Powerhouse an integral part of our clients’ procurement efforts.

Calipers Used for Measuring Batteries

Custom Batteries and Power Supplies

If you are a engineering or manufacturing company who has specific needs for a product or prototype, get in touch with our battery experts.  We can customize the size, shape and power of your custom battery or power supply.